Skitest Angel Flow XRay ROUGH

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Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Angel Flow
    XRay ROUGH
  • 116mm 92mm 124mm
    Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Radius :
    19.3m at 170cm
  • Sizes :
    170 / 177 / 185  cm
  • Type :
            Freestyle skis       Freestyle skis
  • Level :
       Trained Level    Advanced Level    Expert Level
  • Rocker :
  • The XRay | ROUGH's maneuverability is razor sharp. So if you're into soft wobbling forgiving skis, these aren't meant for you.Built for good playful skiers, who love the blend of speed, riding the rough, and taking air in the park.You'll definitely love the XRay | ROUGH's strong body and vertical sidewalls for added edge power and control.With a traditional camber with a bit of tip rocker and asymmetrical twin tip side-cut they react instantly at your slightest movements, and give you full control in take offs and landings.As the Angel Flow XRay | ROUGH are fairly stiff they can still do some awesome carving turns on hard packed slopes without a wobble. And with 92 mm width under foot they also provide plenty of float on most powder days, but the deepest. If you prefer a slightly softer version of the XRays that are perfect for buttering checkout our XRay | SMOOTH model instead.
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Overall test results
  • Skis on the pist
    Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Skis in short turns :Explanation
    55 %
  • Skis in long turns :Explanation
    69 %
  • 54 %
  • Skis in to the turn :Explanation
    58 %
  • Skis out of the turn (Rebound) :Explanation
    61 %
  • Stability at high speed :Explanation
    66 %
  • Overall impression :Explanation
    65 %
  • Skis outside the pist
    Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Angel Flow XRay ROUGH
  • Offpist :Explanation
    80 %
  • Mogul piste :Explanation
  • Park (Halfpipe) :Explanation
  • Park (Jump, Landing and Take off) :Explanation
  • Stability at high speed (Freeride) :Explanation
  • Carrying capacity (Freeride) :Explanation
  • Overall impression :Explanation
    72 %

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